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What is your most used old-timer motorcycle ?


We use high-quality services of Czech post and its partners. We deliver to 200 countries worldwide. Shipping is calculated by the actual price list of Czech Post and depends on the weight of your order and chosen transport.

Weight of package:

Total weight of one package is limited to 20kg (44 pounds). Order heavier than 20kg total weight could be split into more packages.

Bank order Payment:

For bank order detail click "Payment instruction" in your order history at You will be informed by an email when we receive your payment to our bank account.


PayPal Payment:
PayPal paymnet is available online directly from your order history at You will be informed by an email when we receive your payment.


Package is dispatched to your address within 3 business days after we have received your payment. You will be informed by an email when the package is dispatched.
If there should be an issue with delivery, i.e. undelivered package, please note claims with the Czech post can take up to 90 days.  

Satisfaction warranty:

Have not received what you were expecting? Send back original unused parts within 60 days and we will return money to you .

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